20170826_15330620170825_114630The key to success in laser medicine lays in support and training. On Friday and Saturday, August 25 and 26, the Estonian Annual Dental Meeting was held in Tallinn, within the framework of which we managed to fulfill the taken goals and to give the Dentists an excellent lecture from Dr. Ilay Maden on the topic “Lasers in Implantology.” We also successfully conducted a series of presentations and trainings both for dentsists who are already working with lasers and also for beginners. Dr. IlayMaden has been working in laser dentistry for more than 12 years. He leads the Seesaw dental training center in the United Kingdom, is a lecturer and training coach and also represents the World Federation of Laser Dentistry and the German University of Aachen in the United Kingdom. Baltic – Lasers thanks the team of Viru Hambakliinik and Dr. Ilay Maden for their active participation in the Estonian Annual Dental Meeting and the promotion of laser medicine in Estonia and the Baltic States.